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Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is VIP?
VIP is a program that defines pick up dates by shipping point and final destination DC.

2. Will my VIP days change?
We do not anticipate any changes to VIP dates as a result of InDC.

3. Does this eliminate 1:1 and/or VIP?
No these programs are still in place and will not change as a direct result of InDC. Transit tables will consider shipments going through a 1:1 facility.

4. If VIP does not allow me to meet my window, how can I ship?
VIP should not affect your ability to meet InDC. You should consider transit times when submitting your shipment requests.
5. If I am shipping through the Compton 1:1 facility and my RTS date is 3-4 days prior to InDC, how is the extra time that it takes to go through consolidation facility accounted for?
The processing time through the consolidation point will be factored into the transit grid. The expectation would be that you have shipments ready by the suggested pick up and presented via macysnet.


1. How is Direct to Store affected?
Expected to ship D2S within InDC week however, will not be part of InDC Optimization reporting as shipments are not booked through MacysNet.


1. When should my ASN be sent? EDI Invoice?
There should be no changes in the transmission of your ASN or invoice. As a reminder, ASNs must be transmitted as soon as the truck door is closed. Invoices must be sent in a similar time frame.

2. How does the GXS/Inovis merger affect this?
If the vendor uses webforms, GXS/Inovis is already updating the EDI850 to include the new qualifier. Other than this, GXS/Inovis are not affected by this change.

3. Can Macy’s send us InDC dates BY DC in the EDI850?
Not at this time. This would require multiple POs to manage and if the DC/store network changes, could involve significant changes/maintenance to existing POs.

4. Will both qualifiers, 010 and 064 exist at the same time?
Yes but only until March. Also, you will not receive the 010 and 064 qualifier on the same PO i.e. any given PO will only have one or the other. For orders to ship before Feb. 20, the PO will have the 010 qualifier. For POs to ship after March, POs will have the 064 qualifier. Therefore, after March, you should never receive a PO with anything except the 064 qualifier. This applies to replenishment as well.

Ex Offset

1. Will there be an expense offset if I don’t ship in the InDC window?
At the present time, no expense offset will be assessed.


1. Are certain FOBs excluded?
Replenishment, Jewelry and D2S will be excluded from reporting but all vendors regardless of FOB are expected to have shipments ready to go so that they hit the final destination DC on the InDC date.

2. If I am shipping from the east coast and have merchandise ready for an east coast and west coast DC at the same time, should I hold my east coast shipment?
When shipping to the east coast, if you are shipping and merchandise will arrive before the InDC window, MacysNet will provide an optimal ship and pick up date that will not allow merchandise to arrive before the InDC window.

3. My fashion orders are scheduled to arrive in first Monday of the month. How will my process be changed?
You may input shipments prior to first week, dependent upon transit times.

4. How are import shipments moved via HUDD impacted?
There will be no impact to imports moved via HUDD. They currently use In DC in their process.

5. Will the In DC date be the final destination, including merge points, transit etc.?
Yes, the In DC date indicates when the merchant wants the shipment to hit the final destination DC.

6. Will In DC be applicable to, Bloomingdales and
Yes, In DC will apply to orders from Macy's,, Bloomingdale’s and

7. Will Fine Jewelry and Watches be impacted by In DC?
Fine Jewelry and Watch vendors will need to adjust their EDI 850 map. You will continue to route based on specific direction provided in the Routing Guide for Fine Jewelry and Watches.

8. How does a vendor handle prepaid shipments with In DC?
You will want to account for the proper transit time to each final destination when arranging the prepaid movements.

9. Will quick turn bedding orders be impacted?
You should treat quick turn bedding orders much like you do today. They are to move as ready.

10. Will there be another Vendor meeting to cover MacysNet screens?
No however, users guides are being developed and we will have a call in number established just prior to "go live" to help with any InDC questions.

11. What if my InDC day is midweek?
The goal would be to have the corresponding shipments hit each final destination DC on that date.

12. Will this improve the efficiencies from DC to point of sale/stores?
InDC will have no direct effect on the transit times between the DC’s and stores.

13. Will carton, cube and weight parameters changing for LTL?
No, InDC will have no effect on parameters for LTL or TL.

14. Will CFC be on the InDC program?

15. My merchant currently writes a west coast and an east coast PO, will this change?
Yes InDC eliminates the need for multiple POs to accommodate shipping.

16. If I receive a replenishment PO and the InDC date is tomorrow, how can I make my InDC window?
When able vendors are expected to meet InDC windows for replenishment orders however, we realize that this may not always be feasible. As a result, replenishment orders are removed from the InDC Optimization reporting and should ship as ready.

17. If I have 7 POs and 4 are ready to ship and 3 are not, my buyer is telling me to hold until all orders are ready. Should I continue to do this?
The merchant may have a reason why all POs should arrive at the same time. Continue to work with your merchant on scenarios such as this.


1. If I have shipments going to 4 DCs, will I need to create separate projects in MacysNet?
Yes. Just as you do today, projects must be created at the shipping point/DC level.

2. If I route my shipment early so that it will be InDC prior to the InDC date, will MacysNet reject?
The system will assign appointments on or after the latest In DC date for orders within a shipment.

3. How far in advance can I book shipments in MacysNet?
Just as today, shipments can be booked up to 14 days in advance of the RTS date.

4. Can I route early?
You can submit a shipment request for routing as early as 14 business days prior to your RTS or ready to ship date.

5. Will we still receive a cancel date?
Yes, each PO will have an InDC date and cancel date.

6. If I have POs with a cancel date of 10/7, 10/8 and 10/10, can I combine into one project for a pick up of 10/10?
No. MacysNet currently requires and will continue to require that all PO’s RTS is prior to cancel date. These PO’s would need to be placed on different projects or the cancel dates extended.

7. What is the number of days that will trigger the warning message when multiple POs are submitted which result in multiple pick up dates?
Current thinking is the message will show when there is any difference in pickups dates e.g.. Even 1 day.

8. Can Macysnet provide the ship date (i.e. transit times applied) to make the In DC date?
Yes, you will be able to input your POs, cartons, cube and weight into macysnet to get optimal Pick Up days by destination DC.

Pick Up

1. NRT is scheduled to pick up my LTL shipments – how will this affect me?
Nothing will change – MTO will provide optimal pick up date/time.

2. If I am not going to make my InDC date but I will be able to ship before cancel. Do I need to have my PO extended?
No. The only time that you will need to have a PO date extended is if you cannot ship before the cancel date.

3. Will this affect the issue that we are having with the impact to month end order?
No, we will continue to work together to overcome month end and quarter end issues.

4. How will back orders be handled?
Back orders will be handled much like they are today. All shipments must be within the window defined on the PO.

5. What impact will we see for shipments to Hawaii?
Given the transit time, you will probably be shipping the Hawaii shipment much earlier than others.

6. How will I know optimal ship date?
MacysNet will provide optimal RTS date and vendor will choose POs to ship. MacysNet will also provide optimal RTS date by DC.

7. How can we be held accountable when the carriers do not arrive at scheduled times to pick up our merchandise?
This is a known issue and InDC will not resolve this situation. Please address specific carrier issues with MTO’s Manager of Carrier Relations, 678-406-7200.

8. How will my RTS date change?
You still must submit shipments no more than 48 hours prior to RTS however, you can submit shipments before the InDC date; this is dependent upon transit times between shipping point and DC.

9. Will this resolve the issues I have with close proximity shipping? Will I be given extra pick up days?
This will continue to be a challenge with InDC – we do not expect this to get better or worse as a result of InDC.

10. If I am shipping from the east coast, should I ship the west coast DCs first?
Yes, this is one of the major initiatives for InDC. The goal is to arrive all merchandise is all DCs in the same timeframe. If you are shipping from east coast, west coasts DCs have longer transit times so those shipments should be sent earlier.

11. If I have a single PO shipping from the east coast to multiple DCs will I have multiple pick up dates?
Yes, based on transit times.

PO Dating

1. Will cancel dates always be the Friday of the InDC week?
Not necessarily. The merchant could choose to make cancel date the last date of InDC week. We do anticipate week 1 to be heavy for InDC.

2. Can I still ship up until the PO cancel date? Is the cancel date the SHIP until date or the last day for the shipment to arrive in the DC?
When In DC goes live, the cancel date will be the same as in today’s environment.

3. Will my merchandise be bounced back if shipped after the cancel date?
There are no changes to merchandise shipped after cancel.

4. How do I go about shipping a backorder if my order is past cancel?
Work with your merchant to extend the cancel date. InDC does not affect this process.

Small Pack

1. If I ship through FedEx but do not go through MacysNet, what should I do?
Continue to do what you do today.


1. I ship prepaid – how will this change?
All prepaid shipments should go through MacysNet (exceptions – jewelry, NOPC, D2S, etc.). You are expected to comply with InDC regardless of prepaid/collect.

2. How will this affect my invoice payment?
InDC will not affect invoice payment. Invoices are paid based on ROG and will continue to be paid this way.

Trans Table

1. How many transit times are there?
From each zip code, there will be a transit time for each DC for LTL and TL.

2. When will transit times be available on MacysNet?
This is currently in process with a goal of late December 2010.

3. How will updates to transit tables be communicated?
Via MacysNet, just as new/updated information is communicated today.

  4. Will transit times be grouped?