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Transportation Updates for Vendors
  August 16, 2007 Update  


  1. The required information for entering a shipment in MacysNet is Total Cartons, Total Weight, and Total Cube or trailer space, Bill of Lading number, and every Purchase Order (PO) on the shipment.

  2. Once the shipment has been submitted, the system will return a SHIPMENT NUMBER, located at the top of the page. Please keep this number for future reference.

  3. If your address is not available in the address drop down box, you may use the link from the shipment entry screen to the Shipping Address Update Form. Note: When you submit your address add request, please allow 1-2 business days for the address to be updated in the system.


  1. MacysNet Shipping will allow a Purchase Order number to entered only once per shipment. If you enter the same Purchase Order number more than once on a shipment, you will receive an error message and must correct the multiple entries.

  2. You may enter both Cartons and GOH (Garments on Hangers) on a single shipment if you have more than one Purchase Order number on the shipment. However, if your shipment consists of only one Purchase Order, you must enter one shipment for the Cartons and a second shipment for GOH.


Once a routing request has been entered into the system and a shipment number assigned, you will not be able to add a Purchase Order to that shipment. Any additions must be entered as a new shipment.  While every attempt will be made to move this additional shipment with the original, we cannot guarantee that that it will.


To delete an entire shipment, if that shipment has not yet been assigned to a carrier.
  • Select "Shipment Change".
  • Select the "Next" button.
  • Select the "Delete Shipment" button.
  • System will confirm that you want to delete the shipment.
  • Press the "Delete" button to submit the delete request.


The items listed in the Specialized Routing Request (SSR) fields have been updated on the Shipment Request screen. Each SSR covers a situation, which requires specific information. Select the appropriate specification only if it applies to your shipment. Below is a description of every SSR. Note: You must select an SSR. If none of the Specialized Routing Requests apply to your shipment, select "None".
  1. None
    Select this if there are no Specialized Routing Requests required for your shipment.

  2. VIP Shipment Adjustment
    This specification applies only to vendors who participate in the Velocity Improvement Program (VIP).  Please see the VIP Vendors section of this document.

  3. Container
    Used to request pick up of an Import container from a port location for delivery to a Macy’s destination.  The following information is required:
    • Container Number
    • Last Free Date - this is the last day the container can be picked up with out incurring storage fees.
    • Broker Name - name of the Broker company
    • Broker Contact Name - name of person to contact at the brokerage company.
    • Broker Contact Phone - Broker contact's phone number.

  4. Collect - Carrier Pre-assigned
    Only specific vendors who are a part of the Macy’s Drop Trailer Program should use this SSR.  The following information is required:
    • Carrier Name
    • Carrier Trailer Number

  5. Port of Entry (POE) Shipment
    This SSR should be used only if your Macy’s Merchant has given you specific approval to ship POE.  If you have a question concerning the POE program, please contact your Macy’s Merchant.  Before requesting a pick up, the container must have first cleared Customs.  The following information is required:
    • Container Number
    • Last Free date
    • Broker Name
    • Broker Contact Name
    • Broker Contact Phone Number

  6. Need Appointment Only-Prepaid
    This should be selected only if you pay freight and have selected the delivering carrier.  Prior to delivering to the distribution center, the vendor must submit the appointment request and select this specification.  The following information is required:
    • Carrier Name
    • Trailer Number - or Freight Bill Number
    • Carrier Contact Name
    • Carrier Contact Phone Number
    • Requested Delivery Date
    • Requested Delivery Time

  7. LVIQ - Local Vendor Inventory
    This selection applies only to a select group of Furniture vendors.  These vendors will be contacted under separate cover for specifics concerning the use of this function.

  8. Air Request
    Do not select. This field is for future use and is not currently active. For detailed procedures concerning airfreight, please see the Macy's Routing Guide.

  9. Velocity Improvement Program
    This is applicable only to vendors who participate in the Macy’s Velocity Improvement program


Shipment Specifications are designed for you to use to communicate specific shipment information. They may be used in conjunction with the Specialized Routing Requests if necessary, or alone.  Not every shipment requires the use of a Shipment Specification. Only select a specification if it applies to your shipment.  The system will default to “None.”


All vendors are assigned a Vendor Number, this is your 9 digit DUNS number with a “0” added to the beginning and a “90” added to the end, making it a 12 digit number.  Many vendors have more than one Vendor Number.  If you have more than one Vendor Number, every one of these numbers must be added to the “Account Numbers” section of your user profile.  Account numbers may be added to or deleted from your profile at any time.


Use the Shipping Address Update Form, located in the Routing Guide section of this website to make the following changes:
  • Add New Address
  • Modify Address Information
  • Delete Inactive Address
  • Modify Contact Information
Please allow 1-2 business days for your request to be processed.



Reject - Purchase orders with the result of "Reject" will be ignored; these will not be accepted into the system.

Accept - Purchase orders with the result of "Accept" will be accepted into the system.

The Status messages will tell you why the PO is "reject". While your PO may have more than one reject reason, only one reject reason will show at a time. The reject reasons are as follows:

PO Not Found - This is not a valid number in our system. Please check the number you are entering. If the number you keyed in matches want was transmitted to you, please contact the Merchant to confirm the order number.

PO Past Cancel - The PO cancel date has passed.  Only the division Merchant can change the cancel date on a PO.

Invalid PO Division - PO number does not match the Division.  Please check the division you have selected to make sure the division you selected is correct for the PO number you are entering. i.e. if you specified Macy’s East as the division on the shipment, you can not enter a Bloomingdale’s PO, only Macy’s East orders can be entered.

Invalid PO Vendor - This Purchase Order number is assigned to another vendor.  Check the PO number you are entering.  If the number you keyed in matches what was transmitted to you, please contact he merchant to confirm the order number.

Entry - Purchase Order has not been final approved for purchase. Contact the Merchant.

Invalid Ship Address - The account number assigned to your shipping location does not match the account number assigned to your PO. Please call the Macy’s Transportation Office at 404-250-7239 for assistance.

VIP Vendors

Vendors who participate in the Velocity Improvement Program (VIP) should enter ALL shipments with the Specialized Routing Request of “Velocity Improvement Program”

VIP Shipment Adjustment

VIP Vendors will be able to add a purchase order number to a previously entered shipment. To do so, you must enter that purchase order, or orders, as a new shipment following these procedures:
  • Select “Shipment Request”.
  • Complete out all of the information on the screen (as you would with any new shipment).
  • In the “Specialized Routing Request” section, select “VIP Shipment Adjustment”.
  • A screen will display that will require you enter the shipment number to which you are adding the order.
  • Key the shipment number you want to add the Purchase Order to in the appropriate field.
  • Complete the shipment entry process.
  • Make a note of this second shipment number.
  • Enter only any additional cartons, weight and/or cube for the added Purchase Order(s).
  • If you are simply adding on a Purchase Order(s) and making no changes to the previously submitted total shipment Cartons and Weight, you must still enter a Carton and Weight quantity. You should enter the quantity “1” for Carton, Weight, and Cube for the new shipment.
  • This is limited to VIP specified vendors ONLY.